The All Mother

Greater Diety

Symbol: Phoenix 

Home Plane:

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains:  Creation, Good, Renewal, Family

Cleric Alignments: NG, CG

Favored Weapon: Staff


Ilid is depicted as a beautiful middle-aged women often carrying child.  It is she that created the world and the first beings to inhabit it.  She bestows the gift of fertility and is often prayed upon by newly-wed couples seeking to start a family or farmers seeking blessings for their new year's crops.  Ilid considers all natural beings to be her children.  She gave birth to twins in the way of Phlorus and Phaunas.


Dogma:  Ilid is a peaceful deity.  She knows that things are not forever and as such teaches to enjoy ones life.  Ever creating is the way to best achieve immortality.  The family unit is very important as it continues the creation cycle and ensures longevity and survival of her creations.

Clergy & Temples:  Ilid's Clerics favor pale yellow garb.  They are kindly people who often oversee weddings. Many of the temples have orphanages attached and it is not uncommon for a cleric of Ilid to act as a mid-wife. 



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