Lesser Deity

Symbol: Crescent shape or a white or black pearl

Home Plane:


Domains:  Darkness, Moon

Cleric Alignments: 

Favored Weapon: 


Andruna is most often depicted as a powerful crone- tall, silvered haired, dressed in flowing robes of white. In her right hand she holds a staff adorned with a crescent moon. In the left she palms the full moon cast as white or the new moon cast as black. A less common image of Andruna is that of a young maiden dressed in black armor. Instead of a staff she is posed with a sword, it's hilt inlaid with black and white pearls depicting each cycle of the moon.        


Dogma: Followers of Andruna are expected to recognize and honor the cycles of the moon and the effects those cycles create upon the planet. They will administer blessings and comfort for those who suffer from mental or emotional imbalances.  

Warriors who follow Adnruna are especially attuned to the mystical energies of night and are blessed with abilities to blind fight and to turn lycanthropes.  


Clergy & Temples:  Andruna's clerics usually wear white or silver robes except during the new moon when they adorn themselves entirely in black. Some clerics, or warriors who follow Andurna will sometimes tattoo themselves with a small black or blue crescent on their foreheads between the brows.

Temples to Andruna are found in forests and groves and even deserts. They are designated by two rings of stone laid out upon the ground. These open air temples vary in size and grandeur. Some are made with small fist size stones with rings just large enough to to accommodate one or two worshipers.  Others may boast stone pillars of twenty feet tall with rings so spacious as to host hundreds of parishioners at once.



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